How to join our dojo

We recommend you trying out Kendo before joining. We offer a free trial session for the first two weeks. If you decide to join us, we will need you to sign documents and pay membership fees to participate in exams and tournaments.

Membership Fee

Please contact us for more details about the fees.

TuitionInitiation FeeSCKO Annual MembershipAUSKF Annual Membership
Child (17yrs and under)$60 Quarterly$10 One time only$25 Annually$30 Annually
Adult (18yrs and over)$75 Quarterly$10 One time only$35 Annually$60 Annually
Two Children same family$90 Quarterly$20 One time only$50 Annually$60 Annually
Adult + Child same family$115 Quarterly$20 One time only$60 Annually$90 Annually
Two Adults same family$115 Quarterly$20 One time only$70 Annually$120 Annually

Frequently asked questions

I want to join the practice. Is there any trial session available?
Yes, we do offer free trials for up to two practices.
I am interested in Kendo. Can I observe your practice before joining practice?
Yes, you can observe our practice at no charge. Please get in touch with us before coming to watch.
What is the age recommendation for Kendo?
There is no age restriction in Kendo. Most people outside of Japan start as adults. In our dojo, the oldest we had started in their 50s, and the youngest was 5. We recommend that kids begin when they have a good attention span.
I have experience in Kendo. Can I join?
Of course! Please get in touch with us before coming to practice.
Where can I buy gear?
Please consult us before buying any gear unless you are experienced in Kendo.
What do you teach beginners?
We start by teaching basic etiquette. You will learn a few techniques, including footwork, postures, and how to hold the shinai. In addition, you may also start learning various kinds of practice swings called suburi.
How long do I practice without armor?
It depends on your dedication and ability. On average it can take anywhere from 3 months to a year.