Free Tryout

Please come and watch a practice and see if kendo is something that really interests you or you may join a beginning class and give kendo a try. Wear loose fitting workout clothes or if you already have a Martial Arts gi such as a karate uniform, that is appropriate as well.

How to Join

After one or two classes you will be required to join Studio City Kendo Dojo (aka: OSULA) if you wish to continue. Although it is not necessary to purchase a kendo uniform immediately we do advise you to buy your own shinai at this time. It would be appropriate to purchase your kendo gi (shirt) and hakama (split pants) shortly afterwards. When you are ready to wear kendo-gu or kendo armor Sensei will discuss the requirements and cost. Beginners generally study kendo basics for several months to a year or more before entering into the physical contact element of kendo. There are many factors the Sensei will consider before hand including the students age and skill level.


OSULA Quarterly Tuition* One-time Dojo Registration Fee SCKO Annual Membership AUSKF Annual Membership
17yrs and under $60.00* $20.00 $20.00** $25.00**
18yrs and over $75.00* $20.00 $35.00** $40.00**

*Monthly Dojo fees are paid on a quarterly basis. Checks should be made to: Studio City Kendo Dojo

**Membership in both SCKO and AUSFK are mandatory to qualify for participation in promotion exams and tournaments. Please discuss with Sensei as to when these memberships will be due for you.

Practice Time

Every Friday at:
7:00 to 9:00PM (Basic/Advanced)
9:00 to 10:00PM (Advanced)

Where we are

Gym at The Bridge Academy
3921 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604